Raising $1mil to build an artificial intelligence interview platform to eliminate biases in the talent acquisition process.

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Programmed to increase job applicant throughput, candidate pool diversity and to eliminate conscious & unconscious biases from the talent acquisition process, PRESCREEN.AI is a patent-pending SaaS Artificial Intelligence platform aimed at enhancing the talent acquisition process.  The solution has 4 functions and all are developed in an AI platform such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant.  The functions are a  1-JOB BOARD - imagine getting into your car and you say Alexa open job match and you hear jobs that are at your level, location and salary requirements.  2-INTERVIEW - Employers such as Starbucks, McDonalds, AT&T, Walgreens and other Fortune 500 companies are looking for an AI solution to help them increase candidate throughput, decrease bias claims that stem from the decision not to hire someone and to increase the diversity in the applicant pool.  Imagine your next interview all done through your mobile phone, smart speaker or tablet.  It can be done - be sure to look at our demo page.  3-SKILLS TEST - The solution we have designed has skills test that can be administered to measure a candidates reading, writing communication and math skills test- all written at the 4th grade level that will allow employers to hire the most qualified candidate.  4-ON-BOARDING - The final function utilizes AI to on-board a candidate as a new hire, from background check, employment & education verification to the offer letter - and yes all without having to come in for an actual interview.  

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