Premier Design Builders

Being an insurance is a great industry however, the main problem is when you will get paid, currently a little over $200,000 to be collected. we need to bridge that gap

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Premier Design Builders or (Premier Property Restoration) is a licensed residential renovation company along with a certified water, Fire / Mold restoration company. We are 6 employees strong and focus on the auburn Opelika area because there are no full service restoration companies located there.

Premier has about $200,000 in insurance contracts waiting to be collected in the next 60 to 90 days and $70,000 or more in retail jobs. We need to be collected in the next 30 to 60 days… The problem we are having now as we do not control when insurance pays all we can do is determine how much we get paid and get an approved so although we don’t get paid right away, the monthly expenses and payroll does not stop we are just looking for a very short 3 to 6 month loan or an investment partner to help us through the delay.

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