PRE-IPO Investment

PRE-IPOS in the mid-late stage of funding. We have access to some of the most anticipated IPO's that allow every investor to maximize their profit like never before.

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We connect accredited investor to unicorn companies at the mid and late stages of funding  prior to going public. We have been able to have a tremendous impact in our investors net worth.  Investors can get involved for as little as 50K up to 10Mil and have the opportunity to choose what company they can invest in.

The companies that we have access today are extremely well funded and have been in the news on a weekly basis.  

Our last five companies that went public are Palantir Technologies,  Airbnb, Sofi and Roblox and we are expecting great results from UiPath and Cousera.

As you know, time is of the essence in this business and it is important to get involved way before the IPO date. 
Today the companies that we have access , are looking at anywhere from 1 to 10 months before they go public and a minimum appreciation anywhere from 50% to 600%.

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