Powerboard life systems inc

Raising $1M ($500k committed) to build the 1st iteration of product (hardware devices, UI and UX)

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Consumer product/services startup. Making strength training available and accessible to the masses.

We provide a portable and affordable hardware device that solves the problem of convenience so people can workout at the comfort of their home. The margin on the device is kept low to make it affordable but enough to recover the customer accusation cost. The hardware device lot lighter, cheaper and quiter compared to any equipment ever built for digital strength training 

The subscription app and coaching service solves the problem of consistency by keeping user accountable and brings in recurring revenue that gets us very high customer lifetime value.

The founder, Subrat was the lead electrical designer at Tonal (leaders in at-home digital strengt   training)and Joby ( leaders in electri  air-taxi)

Link to Pitch Deck
: https://powerboard.docsend.com/view/s/9t6ackbahgv9j5h2
the actual presentation is a lot more powerful, love to have a zoom call if you like.

Link to Powerboard Prototype Demo Video : https://youtu.be/1aluGSzMqxo

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