Politex Exchange

Raising $550,000.00 for the development and marketing of our cryptocurrency exchange. We made banking obsolete.

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OVERVIEW |  We are Politex, the first and most powerful staking-based cryptocurrency ecosystem.  With extremely competitive staking rates, we allow users to stake our cryptocurrency. This allows users to receive 5% APR annually with extremely low risk.  The rate is variable meaning it can be adjusted from 5-7%, while the exchange is realistically making around 11% on their funds (Excluding their percentage).

What makes us unique is the fact that we are providing a staking service that takes the volatility out of the equation, and are self insured to minimize risk factors to our customers.  

We have designed and created a crypto token that is expected to ICO (initial coin offering) at the completion date of our exchange.  We are offering investors the chance to either take equity in the token (MAGNA Coin will be the main cryptocurrency on our platform ) or the exchange as we strive to be a publicly traded entity. 

THE PROBLEM   |  Leaving your money in a savings account generally pays 0.06% annually.  Factoring an inflation rate of 3%, savers lose their hard earned capital by using traditional banking services.

THE SOLUTION  |  Our staking rates allow users to generate 5% on Politex Exchange.  Politex will allow users to stake MAGNA Coin on the exchange, which will be the main cryptocurrency staked on Politex.  We inadvertently created demand for our token through staking. 
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  |  We are amongst the first services to offer “risk free” staking.  (Questions on how we did this will only be answered over the phone).

| THE MODEL  |  Politex will be a Decentralized Financial Exchange.  As Politex surpasses banking, we will generate estimated revenues correlating to user basis. For more information  pertaining to specific milestones contact us.

User Count: 13 million
Revenue: ~927 million

User Count: 30 million
Revenue: 1.14 billion

User Count: 60 Million
Revenue: 1.8 billion

OUR PROMISE   |  Politex promises to provide a sensible growth path for investors who seek a low risk investment.
THE REQUEST   |  Politex is seeking $550,000 for the development and marketing of our Exchange during the pre-seed round of funding. 

PRINCIPAL |  Founder, Brandon A. Pulice | COO, Dan Uchida

CURRENT STATUS  |  Developers have been thoroughly examined and we have chosen our course of action. Politex only seeks funding. 

| Purpose | Investment |     
| Exchange Development | $100,000.00
| Legal Fee’s | $50,000.00
| SEC Compliance | $100,000.00 (if needed, currently the SEC doesn’t regulate cryptocurrency but we anticipate regulation in the future)
| Sales Manager + Marketing Efforts (2 years) | $100,000.00
| Company Operation (2 years)  | $100,000.00
| Politex Equipment & Software | $100,000.00
| Seeking Total Investment of | $550,000.00
 TIMELINE   |  Exchange development and completion will finish in 2021, marketing will be done through 2022-2023 to develop an outstanding user basis.

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