Play Fast

Raising 75k for seed money to complete the development of an affordable, easily accessible, individualized speed development app for athletes.

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Play Fast provides digital, device-based athletic performance enhancement tools through downloadable mobile applications.  Play Fast is the first speed development app that places the evaluation and technical improvement expertise of a coach in the palm of an athlete‚Äôs hand.  The app will enhance the experience of athletes of all ability levels through easily accessible facilitation of sport specific fundamentals, form, and technique.  Unlike the current sport improvement app landscape, Play Fast creates a much larger market and ability for inclusion by eliminating the need or expense of having to hire an expert coach or trainer.

Play Fast is a sole proprietorship whose owner and fellow developer have a combined 45 years experience in the development of athletes at all levels of competition.  The target consumer of this app are the 30+ million young athletes and their families who have a vested interest in athletic performance improvement.  The institution of youth sports is constantly renewing its members and parents are becoming more and more eager to find ways to help their children succeed.  From the first year beginning youth player to the established high school or collegiate level athlete, Play Fast will be a vehicle for individualized, affordable, and easily accessible expert coaching.

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