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Need funding for manufacturing and packing of one of a kind visual safety communication system for motorcycles.

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We have completed the design and development of a unique visual safety device for use by motorcyclists and other outdoor communities.  We have developed a pitch deck and have some cash flow projection numbers.  This will be marketed via the internet and direct sales thru various bike weeks and other events.  In just the motorcycle market there are over 8.3 million registered motorcyclists in the United States alone.  If we tap into only 5% of this market, that equates to 400,000 people.  In addition, with the help of the internet, we will be able to eventually offer our product globally.   The states of California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York each have more than 380,000 registered motorcycles. 
In addition, statistics from indicates a high percentage of riders are safety minded potential buyers; 71% of riders in the United States have taken at least one safety training course. Additional statistics from include: miles ridden per year is over 1.5 billion; 42% of riders have a 4-year college degree or higher; every year more women are learning to ride; average number of riding months in the riding season is ten. These statistics and more, show more people are riding and more riders are interested in safety first.
POTENTIAL SALES for the first 3 years:  Without historical data, we are basing sales using two different methods based on current statistical data:
1.Eight million registered motorcycle riders in the country at ½% = 40,000 x $200.00 per system.  Potential gross sales of just ½% of registered motorcyclists = $8,000,000.
2.Using current data from just 3 different Bike Weeks in the United States, gross sales is projected at 14,250 units = $2,850,000.
a)Daytona Bike Week – Every March is a 10-day event with 400,000 people in attendance.  Conservative sales projections of 0.75% of attendees.  3,000 safety units sold at $200.00 per unit is $600,000 in gross sales. ( Daytona Beach Bike Week – Wikipedia )
b)Myrtle Beach Bike Week – Every May is a 10-day event with 500,000 + people in attendance.  Conservative sales projections of 0.75% of attendees.  3,700 safety units sold at $200.00 per unit is $750,000 (How Many People Attend Bike Week In Myrtle Beach - BikeHike (
c)Sturgis Bike Week – Every August is a 10-day event with 525,000 vehicles in attendance in 2021.  Conservative sales projections of 0.75% of vehicles.  3,937 safety units sold at $200.00 = $787,500.  ( Sturgis Rally Numbers - How Big Was the 2021 Sturgis Rally? - Sturgis Rally )
PLATINUM ATTITUDE is seeking funding in order to continue our dream of keeping the motorcycle community safe while on the road.  The owner/members have already invested over $150,000 of their own money into this business – because we believe in our product.
The design and development of this safety system is completed.  Additional funding is needed to begin manufacturing.  Including, but not limited to initial tooling,  manufacturing and packaging costs, advertising and marketing.
Platinum Attitude LLC is a start-up company with four partners. Laurel Stewart owns 51% and will work as the Chief Operating Officer. Initially, all responsibilities for the business side of the company will be handled by Laurel (including financials). Laurel has over 17 years of experience in management including human resources, accounts payable, accounts receivables, billing and collections, payroll and banking. Laurel has over 30 years working in customer service. 
David Stewart will work as the Chief Executive Officer. David is the master mind behind the idea, development, and design of the product and owns 29% of the company. David is in charge of all phases of development of the working prototypes and then into production. David has over 40 years of management experience. 
Michael Martin and Barbara Martin own 10% each and are working as President and Vice President respectively. Michael is assisting David in the design and development of the product. David and Michael are the Biker Liaisons and will actively market to the many bike clubs and groups.  Michael has over 25 years of customer service experience. Barbara was self-employed for 15 years and is assisting Laurel with the overall management of the business and will run point in Marketing and Advertising. 
We have all been avid motorcycle riders for the past several decades.  We are uniquely qualified to understand how this safety system can save lives.  We look forward to speaking with you regarding our product.  Thank you

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