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Raising $175,000 to take our online grocery delivery service to the next level

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Pink Delivery Cart, Inc. is an online grocery delivery service/platform with our grocery delivery app in development, we will launch in April 2021. Our customers/subscription members can choose from over 15 stores to shop from, from the comfort of their own home.

Customers as of now will go onto and can choose from 3 different subscription/membership plans or just order as they go, or login and place a NEW ORDER, customers will then choose their store, fill out their grocery list and have it at their front door the very next day.  We have thus far gross sales since March 2020 of roughly $80,000 in total gross sales. Our "instacart like" app is in development as we speak and will be launching in April 2020.  Pink Grocery Cart, Inc. DBA Pink Delivery Cart (PDC) was established in March 2020 amid the covid-19 pandemic which was just a means for the Founder, Kevin J. Carroll to help pay his bills after being laid off due to the pandemic as  VP of Marketing for a healthcare corporation, but soon after being established realized the niche' in the community and that is when Pink Delivery Cart was born.

We currently operate in Morris, Sussex, Essex and Passaic Counties in New Jersey, with multiple shoppers and many membership subscriptions.  PDC's goal is to keep expanding and take over the New Jersey grocery delivery market within the next 5-7 years.  We also give back a small portion of each delivery to our partners at American Cancer Society to help fight cancer/breast cancer and occasionally will show up at someone's house who is less fortunate and donate grocery to a family with kids that are struggling. This gives us the edge and trust within the communities of New Jersey which helps us to expand.

Pink Shoppers Receive:
1) two pink shopper shirts
2) Company credit card to pay for grocery (Chase Business Ink, AMEX) shoppers credit card limits are only made available to cover the grocery for that day.
3) Pink Lanyard ID badge to identify themselves in the stores
4) one PDC hat
5) PDC winter jackets are available to our pink shoppers for purchase and recommended but not required

Why do people order from Pink Delivery Cart:
As of now, all our pink shoppers are 1099 independent contractors and make a commission + tips from each delivery, they are all emailed an order (on their pink emails) and the first one to reply "accept" will receive that order.  Once a shopper arrives at the store location the customer will get a text they arrived and the shopper will let the customer know of any OOS (out of stock) items, adequate suggestion replacements and add-ons if the customer needs. This ensures 100% customer satisfaction and gives the customer the ability to request a shopper next time they order if they enjoyed that shopper; AKA "Convivence*Trust*Reliability" . Pink Delivery Cart can also be seen on many news channels in New Jersey, i.e. News 12 New Jersey, New Jersey News Network, New Jersey Matters, Fox News, CNN and

1) We have gained trust within the communities by giving back
2) 89% of our customers are women, stay at home Moms, working moms, retiaries   
3) the color "pink" can be seen from afar and represents women and many other positive attributes (which again makes up 89% of our customers)
4) We have a local feel and stand out by "Employing locals, for the locals" which makes the customer feel safe , i.e. we will not allow someone from Newark to shop in Morris County, shopper must be from that county, as of now.
5) the president of PDC interviews and hires each and every shopper to make sure their personality is friendly, helping and lively
6) Each pink shopper undergoes an extensive background check and vetted on social media for the safety of not only our shoppers but most importantly our customers/members.

Pink Reusable Grocery Bag Program:
As you may know, New Jersey passed a law recently where as in 2023 all plastic and paper bags will not be available at grocery stores in New Jersey due to environmental issues, with regards to that and planning for PDC's future we have just launched our UV Light Sanitized Reusable Grocery Bag Program- When customers place an order we deliver their grocery in a pink reusable grocery bag, when they order a second time their instructions are to leave the pink reusable grocery bags on their front porch and we deliver their grocery with new freshly sanitized bags. We then take the used ones back to our offices and put in a machine designed for grocery bags that UV light sanitizes and then we spray for extra added safety.  This program is extremely vital to our business as it is something no one else is doing and it shows we are taking certain precautions to help the environment and customer safety which in return helps us both obtain new customers/memberships and expand.

Business Model for Revenue Stream:
Pink Delivery Cart's business model is advertising and grocery delivery, the main revenue stream we offer is businesses to advertise on our website,  platforms, social media etc.  A popular package is our " reusable grocery bag advertising package" where we print their business/company logo on our grocery bags (which is great "direct to consumer" marketing), each customer's order receives around 7-10 bags which allows for a repetitive marketing strategy.  We offer businesses advertising packages with pricing/details and the costs for this is $5,000-$7,500 for 6 month - 12 month (depending on type of industry and negotiations to fit their budget)  terms and has the potential to raise during expansion and the amount of people we reach.  In the meantime we focus on obtaining new memberships which in the near future we project will be our main revenue stream.

Pink Membership Card:
Once a customer signs up for a membership online (12 month term) they receive a welcome letter with their pink membership card attached in the mail.  We have partnered up with many local businesses to offer our members discounts when they visit participating local stores, restaurants, shops, bakery, boutique stores etc. by showing the cashier their Pink Membership Card. This not only helps small business establishments but also gives the customer incentive to sign up.  We have some members who order occasionally but like the use of the card for local discounts. The participating establishments then receives a "cling on sticker" that is attached to their store front door which states "Pink Membership Cards Accepted Here".  This helps us to advertise more and keeps our advertising costs low; there is no fee for the participating stores rather we require them to put up a sign to advertise for us but also brings them in new and existing customers that wouldn't normally visit AKA a "win win situation".  We are working diligently to add more participating establishments which we plan to have many more sign up with us once we receive funding, we are projecting a "snowball" effect per say within the next two years regarding the participating stores.

We are asking for $75,000 - $100,000 which will be used for:
1) Hiring 2-3 salaried sales managers (in the beginning of receiving funds)  that will build a commission based only team underneath them to bring in new advertisers every month (team members pay is very similar to car salesman) to keep our costs low and bring in more revenue/profitability margins.
2) potential billboard advertising and new marketing material, new pink shopper shirt and new lanyard ID badges that pink shoppers wear around their neck in the stores to help identify who they are but also to have potential future customers in the store recognize pink delivery cart.
3) 10,000 more pink reusable grocery bags
4) Cash flow positive and other business expenses

Pink Grocery Cart, Inc. DBA Pink Delivery Cart was established March 2020 and legally formed May 11th 2020.  This is just the "tip of the iceberg" and we hope you see our vision which is to expand, expand, expand but the right way by offering a fantastic online grocery delivery service with a local feel, I feel with my marketing experience, drive, passion for business and to succeed can only outweigh the outcome of PDC which is to eventually become nationwide.

Fun Facts/Potential PDC Future:
Postmates, (an online/app food delivery service) started with the now founder, his brother and two friends went around their local area and started delivering food to residents and businesses, fast forward 7 years later they just sold to Uber Eats for $2.65 billion.  

In the state of New Jersey their are (accounted for, not including non-residents) 8.91 million residents with an average yearly spend on grocery of $3,000-$4,000 which makes a total of $35,640,000,000 spent on grocery in New Jersey every 12 months.  If Pink Delivery Cart's future obtains only .0075% of that we will complete a total of 267+ million dollars in revenue.

In total, U.S. online grocery sales amounted to about 17.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and are expected to rise to nearly 30 billion U.S. dollars by 2021, this does not include the pandemic crisis when all people could do is order online.

I thank you very much for your time and look forward to speaking with you soon!

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