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We are a venture studio based in Norway, currently building 11 startups – some of which have international traction already. We're looking for angels to support our growth and scaling of our current and future startups. In return you will receive indirect ownership in all current and future portfolio companies, a vast network of investors, experts and entrepreneurs surrounding our many companies,  as well as to benefit from our lucrative studio dividend policy (every time Pinecone Ventures sells shares or makes an exit in a portfolio company, 80% of these funds are distributed as dividends).

At Pinecone, we build companies with global potential rapidly and safely based on concrete market demand and understanding of customer's pain points and willingness to pay.

Here are 4 highlighted companies in our portfolio, in which we have between 15 and 50% equity:

Packoorang ( is a reusable packaging company which launched a portfolio of physical and digital products in Q1 2023 and which months later secured a $300,000 sale to global sporting goods chain Decathlon who are now using our packaging. See:
Packoorang has huge ambitions and has already positioned itself as a global leader in B2B resuable packaging.

Pitch40 ( is a fintech company building a one of a kind platform for matching high-quality startups with high-quality investors using altorithms and AI. Check out  which is launching (in Norway only) next month. The plans for the company is to launch in the Nordics already within 12-18 months and then rest of Europe & world thereafter.

Freyzein ( is a material science startup that has created and patented the world's first technology to create waterproof and breathable textiles from 100% cellulose, using biomimicry technology to achieve a three-layer material without the use of any synthetic fibres, glues or coatings. The company is based in Austria, but is founded by an Austrian, a Norwegian, an Italian and a British citizen. The startup has an outstanding founding team including to PhD's (one of which is responsible for filing the largest innovative patent on behalf of apparel brand Pangaia). This truly international startup has excellent traction so far, having received several six digit soft funding rounds from governments and the EU, and being contacted by global leaders from Adidas to Patagonia.

Bell (not yet launched) is an AI based email client with huge ambitions to take on the bohemoths of Outlook and Gmail. A truly revolutionary B2B SaaS product, the goal of the company, which so far is bootstrapped, is to raise $100MM in the next 12-18 months to achieve hypergrowth. While the company is under heavy NDAs currently, rest assured that once you get to try the solution you will share our confidence that this product will become an international hit.

As the founder of Pinecone Ventures, I am confident this investment opportunity will provide an unprecedented ROI.

P.S. I am visiting San Diego around the 20th to the 23rd of September in relation to signing a book deal as co-author with Brian Tracey. I would be happy to meet with you in-person to discuss the opportunity.

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