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Before founding Pilot Podcasts, the founder and CEO worked in podcasting for 8 years. During her career, she’s worked with household-name brands like HowStuffWorks, iHeartMedia, and startups like Blue Wire Podcasts. While working in Marketing and developing launch plans, Krystle noticed something. Sometimes, marketing a podcast can be difficult if the content isn’t very good to start with. 

There aren’t any additional quality control measures besides those who work on the show and others in-network. While some content ends up becoming successful, others struggle to find their audience due to simple issues that could have been resolved before launch. Examples include ill-fitting background music, disliking ads, incoherent thoughts that confuse the listener, logos that are unappealing, etc. 

What if there was a way to provide an unbiased 3rd party opinion on podcasting content? Other facets of the Entertainment industry, mainly movies, and TV, have been doing it for years. Pilots and early screenings are scheduled daily to provide studios with feedback in enough time to make changes. What if podcasting had that? Then, came the big idea. 

Let's bring focus groups to podcasting! Pilot Podcasts gives content creators the opportunity to better their content by sending their content to a group of listeners that match the creators' ideal target market. The listeners preview the content and take a short survey to give their thoughts. The feedback is later packaged for the client along with suggestions for improvement. There is also an added value because the listeners will be notified once the content they previewed is officially available for subscription. Based on the size of the focus group, this can provide the show with a much-needed boost to propel them up the podcast listening charts. 

Pilot Podcast tests audio podcast episodes, video podcast episodes, podcast ads, and sponsored ads. 

Due to her 8-year career in the podcasting industry, the Founder and CEO has gathered a lot of positive feedback on this idea from fellow industry professionals and potential clients. There is also interest from The Podcast Academy to add Pilot as an "added value" to the admission process as a form of beta testing for the product. This will give Pilot the legitimacy it needs and gather the attention of additional clients, investors, and eventually buyers. 

Pilot Podcasting is seeking $300k through investment. This will allow the CEO and Founder to focus on growth and scale full-time while growing Pilot's client and subscriber bases through attending conferences and university events. 

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