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Raising funds for NY Times book ad and animation production

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I am a freelancer, an independent contractor. Piece O Kake is primarily a language  company with Risa's Pieces, it's offshoot, primarily a fine art outlet.  As an ESL teacher, I have had the privilege of teaching children and adults from around the world. I work with private language schools and other recruiting companies such as Wyzant and Thumbtack. Even though I follow a school's curriculum and use their materials, I employ my method, The 3 Cs: conversation, comprehension and confidence. Everyone learns reading and writing while listening and comprehension is often undeveloped.  Piece O Kake focuses on listening and comprehension. 

English is often just an excuse to explore and share our lives. In this age of major change, people are sometimes overwhelmed, confused, and depressed. Being an award winning artist, writer(member of the National League of American Pen Women), and educator Snow White was 'born'. It is a book of hope. Love conquers all. The human experience of family difficulties, homelessness, kindness, and finally rebirth have not changed since the original fable even if details have. I not only enjoy helping people achieve their goals, I also feel obligated to make a contribution for the upliftment of people's spirit. Our emotional life is as important as our academic life.

Xlibris, the publisher of Snow White, is willing to reformat the book from 26 pages to 24 and lower the retail price. This service would be included in a promotional ad in the book section of the NY Times. My other agent with LitPrime is introducing Snow White to possible companies that produce animation.  I would consider these companies my team.

I am convinced of the success and value of this book by the interest that companies have shown in it.  A message of hope and love is important, especially for children, in this time of fear. The only ingredient missing to manifest this mission is funding. 

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