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Raising $100K for Operation Expenses for Technology, Marketing and Promotions roll out, and Staffing.

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PHZE Cannabis Network is a forward thinking Media/ Tech company on RokuTV, poised to become the epicenter for digital marketers. It is a niche platform created for Cannabis advertisers. Reimagining how broadcasting with 5G Technology infused into cutting-edge systems of the Crypto Industry, can best describe the PHZE model. Our technology is designed to systematically diversify the Cannabis Industry's flow of commerce for goods and services. It's unique data input enhances our digital identity capabilities for Programmatic advertising, allowing for cannabis businesses to run effective digital ads on our network and utilize other products offered when the PHZE Coin is used for transactions. Whenever there is a transaction made it is recorded on both the "Uniswap" and "MintMe" Crypto Exchanges where it currently performs. By integrating the Crypto Industry and it's wide array of unique devices creates several innovative revenue streams. One of which, The PHZE Coin, a Non-Fungible Token purposed for the integration of Crypto and 5G Technologies into the Cannabis Industry Ecosystem will be utilized for select goods and services, adding value to the coin's growth. The objective of the coin is to be used for the advancements of PHZE and its technology. We are fully integrated and pioneering the next phase of wireless commerce coupled with innovative communication for broadcast. 


PHZE Cannabis Network has found that there is a fundamental lack of cinematic outlets dedicated to Cannabis. It is truly untapped. So, we've developed a unique strategy for cinematic growth, and in doing so, contributing to the overall development of advertisement expenditures in Cannabis.  Compliance is a priority with PHZE and our strategic planning will assist in solving the following problems at the intersection of commerce and "Cannacontent".  

  1. Lack of creative Cannabis based content
  2. No solid National Ecosystem in place 
  3. Customer experience from seed to sell, AND retention
  4. Glaring lack of brand of awareness in the industry
  5. U.S. legal cannabis sales for both medicinal and recreational use last year jumped 45%, according to BDSA.


Video is the perfect vehicle for various segments of the Cannabis Industry. Specifically dispensaries because the format allows you to show your business in action, rather than simply telling your audience to visit. Pandemic or not, this makes for storytelling to be both engaging and informative, but it also avails consumers who are unsure about visiting a dispensary due to COVID 19, an opportunity to preview the potential experience in advance.

Programmatic advertising allows cannabis marketers to run effective digital ads across the internet whilst compliant

Seventy (70%) of all digital ads—and 88 percent of display ads—are bought and sold using programmatic technology. Utilizing programmatic advertising is the perfect solution for PHZE Cannabis Network and its clients to remain compliant in the seventeen (17) targeted markets where recreational adult and medicinal use are both legal. For example, through software integration, digital identity data allows advertisers to show their ads exclusively to an appropriate audience—adults ages 21 and over who live within state borders.  PHZE'S software and system will be integrated into Programmatic Technology.  

The core of our solution rests in best practices for broadcasting entertainment, educational, and informational content to service the 21 and over cannabis community:

  • No claims of health or medical benefits
  • No elements that could appeal to children (cartoon characters, etc.)
  • No false or misleading statements, including those made about competitors’ products
  • No testimonials or endorsements (e.g. recommendations from doctors)
  • No depiction of product consumption
  • No pricing information, potency statements, or promotional offers
PHZE believes its technology and digital advertising presence is necessary in the Industry
Having integrated Programmatic and Crypto technologies for broadcast is cutting edge and game changing.  This forward way affords PHZE the opportunity to set itself apart from competitors “viral status” by producing then broadcasting original programming like, "Cannabis Connoisseur", “Gentlemen 50", "Cooking With Cannabis", “PHZE Report”, and “The Cannabis Shopping Network”. Then pairing it with licensed titles such as a “Half Baked”, a “Big Lebowski”, a “How High?”, or how about a timeless favorite like, Cheech and Chong’s, “Up in Smoke” or Ice Cube's "Friday's". We will fill the void in the Cannabis Industry by entertaining, educating, and informing the consumer while remaining compliant.


Our ideal market consists of Cannabis consumers, Dispensaries, Growers, Transportation, Processors, Retailers, Consultants, and Merchandisers.  According to the United Nations, 158.8 million people around the world use marijuana—more than 3.8% of the planet’s population. According to a survey taken by Yahoo News and Marist College in 2018 showed more than half of American adults had tried marijuana at least once in their lives. Nearly 55 million of them, or 22 percent, currently used it — the survey defines “current use” as having used marijuana at least once or twice in the past year. Close to 35 million are what the survey calls “regular users,” or people who use marijuana at least once or twice a month.

Smaller surveys than the United Nations that were conducted, such as the Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, did provide a peek behind the curtain about the demographics of cannabis consumers; most are homeowners (66%); 74% are employed ; half have a household income of $75,000 or higher; 51% hold supervisory or executive roles at work; 52% have completed college or university-level programs; and 78% are married with children.

Overall, a cannabis consumer is - just average people with families, careers and full lives, in addition to their marijuana smoking. PHZE Cannabis Network seeks to add in missing pieces of Entertainment and Education via Marketing, Advertising, Original and licensed content video on demand streaming. The opportunity for Advertisers reimagining their brand being broadcasted Nationally on RokuTV had not been introduced in such a way, until now.


We do not have direct competitors  in the market who provide centralized  Entertainment,  Education, Marketing and Advertising, Original and Licensed Content Video on Demand. 

PHZE unlike other startups,  is keenly aware of  the larger players in the Cannabis Industry who have one or two similar service offerings -  Weed Maps, Weeda,  Eaze,  and MassRoots, and Leafly - we see  them as direct competitors amongst themselves. Traditionally, advertising of cannabis has been limited to old school marketing initiatives of websites using SEO, grass roots social media / word of mouth or controlled outlets. PHZE has dedicated itself to enhancing the cannabis consumers experience by "reshaping and reimaging" Marketing and Advertising paradigm with a vastly creative approach having partnered with a platform that is less restricted, creatively in RokuTV.

PHZE Cannabis Network's partnership with RokuTV facilitates an alternative and potentially more effective advertising outlet for all players in the cannabis industry.  Digital advertising on our network is limited to the United States of America.  Which annual Cannabis Industry Advertisement Expenditures since 2018 has been hovering around $661,000,000.  PHZE is seeking to participate in the advertising/entertainment space and generate revenue similar to that of our neighbors in the Non-Cannabis Entertainment Industry, who enjoy circulating $4.9 Billion dollars annually.


With the inception of PHZE Network, we are projecting the ability to grow a constant stream of Ad Revenue on RokuTV and eventually Amazon FireTV. The goal is to gain general sponsors on the network in the form of commercials, product placement, canna-content, and other advertising revenue streams. In addition to innovative opportunities in the Crypto sector as well. Through strategic partnerships and white label agreements in place, PHZE will also generate revenue by referring Cannabis and CBD businesses to consumers in the market place.   

Why Us?

PHZE Cannabis Network Executive brass has an average of 28 years a person of leadership and entrepreneurial expertise on a professional level in categories necessary for any organization's success. Each Executive member has impressive reputations stemming from their days at well respected educational institutions , Michigan State University, Central Michigan, University of North Carolina, Asheville, University of Maryland, and Howard University. The character displayed along their journey aligned them in executive positions, consultant roles and in ownership.  Valuable ties have been established with executives at companies across several industries such as Heineken, Moet, Roc Nation, Bad Boy, Google, Zoom, Roku, UNCF, ESPN, Fox, Cookies, ABC, Disney, Starz, NBC, Planet 13, Med Men, Weed Maps, United States Post Office, Ford Motor Company, Columbia Records, Royal Blunts, Tyler Perry Studios, BET, and Courvoiser. Industry influencers and childhood friends of 42 years are in the PHZE rolodex. Collectively, we are a person removed from the solution. 

Finance Needed

Personal finances and sweat equity has been the investment used to this point to scale the business. In 2019, from an idea then, to distribution on RokuTV.  PHZE is positioned to grow at an exponential rate over the next 3 years. The next milestone is to raise $100,000 to assist in the continued roll out of the PHZE Cannabis Network and it's Technology. 


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