Phoenix Vacation Rentals

Raising between 1.5 and 4 million dollars to start a real estate and hospitality venture

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Short termVacation and car rental business. Business plan created and ready for viewing! 
Phoenix and Scottsdale is one of the hottest spots for vacationing and snow bird temporary locations due to its climate, location and events and golf/activities in the country.

After watching multiple individuals create successful vacation rentals with large profit margins I am aiming to take this concept to the next level. I would like to incorporate this concept with a higher end/luxury rental and add my already successful rental car business into the mix. Additionally I would like to provide premium services to renters and packages, as well. 

I have created a full business plan, projections, case studies on already successful and similar concepts and a deck to show anyone interested. The numbers make tons of sense and it is low risk for a few reasons surrounding how I will position the investment, that I am happy to explain to any potential investor. Most importantly when you hear directly from me on how I plan to be unique and make this work, I am sure there will be some interest across the board.

investment will get returned + interest and equity available if interested. Would love someone with knowledge in the industry of real estate and/or hospitality with a successful track record. This way I can have someone to run ideas past and get advice from. Idea is that this investor will not have to do any leg work, as that I would do this, but definitely be willing to provide their knowledge base and expertise in information where needed.

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