World’s 1st Bank in the Metaverse FDIC insured, Phennix Bank

Worlds 1st Bank in the Metaverse, Qualified Custodian, FDIC insured & $100M Insurance from BitGo for digital assets.

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We already launched the Worlds 1st Luxury handbag NFT collection called

✅1st Bank born in the Metaverse 
✅1st bank with its own NFT collection
✅1st Bak with its own Metaverse
✅NFT Marketplace
✅Qualified Custodian
✅Video Game Banking
✅Crypto merchant services
✅FDIC insured for fiat currency
✅Debit cards with no daily spending cap
✅BitGo $100M insured Crypto and digital assets.
✅Team & Partners already serve Chase, Citi & Wells Fargo
✅Team background expertise from the OCC, SEC & Federal Reserve.

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