Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.

Raising $5 Million for a California acquistion for state of the art (IoT) greenhouse and tissue culture starter plantlet production facility in God's country for Cannabis growing,

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Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. is in the business of providing the highest quality starter cannabis plantlets through its proprietary tissue culture process, "Chibafreen", to licensed Cannabis growers and to CBD hemp farmers with its proprietary hemp strain "CBD Dana" for high CBD hemp farming. It also provides other value added services: plant species identification through DNA testing and certification; live storage of strains using tissue culture low temperature storage proprietary technology. Utilizing the best TC plantlets in its state of art greenhouse(s) for highest quality flower tops and biomass production. For more information, current business developments and investment opportunity please visit

For a 30 sec commercial on Pharmagreen please click on the link below:

For further information, please also contact:
Peter Wojcik
CEO / Director
Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.
[email protected]
1 604 375 1537

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