Recon military drone

A military grade, air and submersible mini sub, continuous reconnaissance flying, combat enabled, jet helicopter drone.

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Military grade: advanced reconnaissance drone. Capable of self refueling utilizing and processing seawater and or other waters available to produce hydroxide gas to power its jet engines and generators to run the onboard electronics and computers and capable of flying in speeds up to 300 to 500 miles an hour capable of submerging and acting like a mini sub while gathering Intel and aerial speeds when in the air vertical takeoff and landing capable of hovering using quiet electric engines only this is our Target and we are making steps towards it we need funding and more prototyping and we welcome any investors because there is a high demand for this type and it is not anywhere near conventional drones. Our goal is to achieve a way to mass produce this and be able to market it at a good profit margin the cost that is currently estimated is between 15 to 30,000 per unit the retail could be anywhere as high as $250,000 per unit possibly even more granted it will be slightly larger than conventional drones but this is necessary for reaching the speeds that are necessary and sustaining them against wind and other phenomena that has to be unpredictable weather related and it still has to be fast enough to get away in time we are looking to raise $3 million and if the projections hold true there may be more vested  possible with more partners involved bringing  us closer to our Target but it is estimated to be 3 million to 5 million within that ballpark we can get a very highly professional decent product out. (Special note: ALSO COMBAT ENABLED with a weapons package.)

The valuable final product is a unique drone  that  surpasses the current technology. Designed for military recon missions.
  • It would be capable of speeds around 300 to 500 mph.
  • Capable of self refueling utilizing sea water and or any other water source thus enabling it to remain active gathering Intel and run its onboard systems.
  • Capable of under water viewing and and gathering Intel operations in dangerous waters for prolonged periods of time (DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS OR YEARS.) 
  • Designed with electronic color change for stealth, example Sky Blue or Midnight Black for night mission or Snow White in snow.
I feel it is also necessary to state that this would be a gateway to a very valuable company which is the intention behind this because I have six other projects in my archives for research and development that are just as astounding and valuable and the goal here is to be able to make them in enough quantity to provide enough of them and also perhaps even to our closest allies keeping in mind that it is profit we are also after so the price per unit is estimated between 15 to 30,000 to fully professionally manufacture and this of course could be sold at a profit in excess of $250,000. I am asking for a vestature of $3 million to cover any and all expenses needed for this project to succeed as there will be errors in this process in order to attain perfection and granted the money being there would allow me to be fully involved in this and establishing the other connections for the other projects to follow. These other projects are advanced in nature and could be utilized as an example for Mars and could be used worldwide for survival pods that are self-inflating to provide shelter and in instances of tornadoes capable of repelling high velocity particles of debris the same technology would apply to the other related projects that are military and nature but for now we must concentrate on the drone. I can begin working fully on this as soon as I am funded. And my timeline to begin would be almost immediate since I'm already working on the body to have something to show would be investors but the money is needed for all of the other gadgets and equipment that are to be loaded upon this drone. I have chosen a name for this company and it is New world technologies that would be my first choice but sometimes the name has been gotten by others so something along these lines would be perfect.
I am ready to start now as soon as possible relating to the project being funded. I am ready to sign documents with whoever is seriously interested and we can begin making all the necessary arrangements. Success is a phone call away!
Juan Guerrero Ruiz
Phone Number: +1 580-484-4599

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