Petal Sparkling Botanicals

Up and coming leader in botanical beverage raising $3M to grow sales, scale marketing and merchandising initiatives.

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Petal Sparkling Botanicals is a WBNEC certified woman owned business, USDA organic certified sparkling water enhanced with botanicals, fruits and herbs. Petal has 11,000 total points of distribution nationwide and can be purchased at, and  Petal has shown consistent growth - up over 89% in same store sales this year compared to last year.   Petal’s online returning customer rate is greater than 30%.  Petal's loyal and growing consumer base are passionate minded people looking to take positive steps for their physical and emotional wellbeing.  Petal caters to the wellness warrior, the sober and sober curious community.   Our team is lean but we have have 20 outside partners from accounting, logistics, operations, sales and marketing.  
I am currently seeking an investment of $3M which will be used to grow sales, scale marketing initiatives, and expand in-store merchandising.  

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