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Raise $50000 to recover stored gold!

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     The purpose of this project is recover 75 kgs of gold stored since 2010 by my father in law.  He passed away in 2012  telling  no one except his attorney about the stored gold. The attorney also held a document signed by the deceased to proclaimed his daughter sole heir upon her legal marriage .
My wife was informed by his attorney in 2020 after our married. As of this date we have been unable to raise  sufficient funds to cover the very large storage bill. 
      I have all storage,purity,and ownership documents.
     So my purpose here is raise $50000  to pay for storage, convert ample amount and move the balance to a more convenient location.
We are agreeable to a 150% payback $75000 for the funding I am asking. That way you can move on to help someone else in need

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