Perfect Pizza

Raising money for the robotic future of fast food

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Developing a robotic pizza machine that produces fresh 6 in pizzas in a 3x6x6 box.  This will spread around the country by a master franchise platform.  I have had over 54 franchised restaurants in last 35 years including 20 Panera breads 17 Pizza huts and 7 sonic drive inns plus others. I have sold them and currently help develop fast food real estate build to suit projects. I believe that a franchise business based on a robotic pizza machine will serve the greater need for an affordable franchise model that has very little labor and no real estate issues is the future for fast food franchisees. Using a master franchise model we can grow faster and cover more franchisees with help and lower overhead. the tech exists but not all in one box yet. There are a few Italian models available but are too complicated and need refining to operate efficiently and be reliable and easily maintained as to be serviced by the operator. These robots can be built for around $70k and sold for $95k and if 50 6 inch personal size pizzas can be sold a day at $6 each the profit would be in the $40k range per machine. Most franchise models require a $300k investment in equipment and build out plus signing a lease for 10 years which is out of reach for most Americans. I am looking for a partner to help me see this vision thru. 


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