Peoples Payment Systems / PicklePay

Raising $10 mil. to finish R&D software app. and global app marketing and sales to consumer users and retailers.

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Peoples Payment is a mobile payment platform that offers non-fee transactions to consumers and merchants. Its revenue source is derived from micro loans to consumers, managing retailer client relationship programs, AI ads and consulting services.  Peoples Payment features a single ubiquitous mobile app that includes P2P transactions in global currencies, including cryptocurrencies.  The app does automatic exchange between currencies at the point-of-sale, provides credit/debit functionality, loyalty awards, auto backup with real-time statements for user accountability.   

Peoples Payment is the most secure mobile payment system in the industry since it does not leave any customer data on networks or merchant databases. User data is encrypted and engrained into a secure blockchain structure. This structure is only retrievable by the user using a five-factor authentication method (including biometrics).  Peoples Payment works the same for on-line and in-store purchases.   In summary, billions of dollars will saved by consumers and retailers by having a non fee transaction service which will save fees charged by transaction service (debit and credit) card companies.


Peoples Payment is the exclusive worldwide Licensee for marketing and sale of the above technology from York-Atlantic Payment Systems.  The investor will have significant equity in both Peoples Payment, a non-profit corp.,  and York-Atlantic Payment Systems, a for profit company.

Contact:  George  C. Bacon, Partner
                     [email protected]

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