Raising capital to facilitate our products charge into main stream market..

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“PEEL PULL POUR” Method... A uniquely designed, market proficient, user friendly experience, safe way, internal packaging Spout innovation. Creating a brand new global practicality space... Creating a Most practical solution to perhaps man kinds most non practical, defunct, non conforming, dis functional methodology processes of all time..... 

TP, is about to be dethroned as king of the domesticated most used, daily products/processes...  Since its arrival atop the practicality throne way back in 1867...

The time is now, the world has been waiting for nearly a century....

Coming Soon, via multiple household liquid container spaces.. Via your kitchen Sink, Bathroom, Laundry room, pantry, garage, refrigerator near you!!! 

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Half trillion liquid containers were sold in 2020! PPP, is a per unit, zero liability, license play... Per it's unique design  conforming to 95% or 450 billion of the said containers  yearly  moving forward!

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