Raising $10,000 to build a Pedicab transportation and tour service serving the popular Palm Springs tourist destination

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Pedex will offer our pedicab tours and taxi services throughout the greater Palm Springs area, and the El Paseo area of Palm Desert. We will be available for private hire and special events. We provide a unique transportation experience to the more than 12.8 million visitors per year, with our one-of-a-kind tours and our daily taxi services. In addition, Pedex is hired for private functions and special events such as Coachella, Stagecoach, and many more, as well as, for destination weddings that come to the greater Palm Springs area.  In addition to providing top customer service to our clients, we are well positioned to offer unique advertising opportunities to local businesses, as well as large corporations with marketing programs that traditional means such as radio, television, and print cannot cover while providing them with a greater return on investment. I believe we are well positioned to succeed in the business because we will aggressively promote our strategy of services tailored to meet each customer’s needs, and advertising campaigns that will increase the business of our clients.
12.8 million tourists visit Palm Springs annually with an economic impact of $5.6 billion making it the perfect market for the tour and taxi service.  With the summer heat, our service will allow customers to stay out and shop longer, which local businesses are excited about. Tourists or locals that don’t have a vehicle, desire to go out for dinner and drinks without risk of DUI, or those that just want to have a unique experience will be taken care of. There is yet to be a service like this in the area. The closest they had was a city trolley called, “Buzz”. It was successful, however, it ended with the start of the Covid pandemic. There were also some problems with Buzz, because when they had some businesses paying the costs other businesses that were not contributing to the costs were still getting the benefits. There was no advertising on it, so it was producing no revenue. It became a liability rather than an asset. This will not be the case with Pedex. 

Pedex is looking to build a fleet of 6-10 pedicabs in 2023 and expanding that to 11-20 pedicabs by 2024. We are seeking investors in the amount of $10,000, largely to purchase the fleet of pedicabs, LED advertising screens, and permits. I have personally invested $37,000 of my own money, and I am planning to put 90% of all revenue that I earn over the next two years directly back into the business towards growth and expansion. 
Pedex is asking for a much lower investment compared to the usual investment commitment. This is beneficial in several ways. First, it will ensure that Pedex will not be a debt heavy company. Instead, we will be an asset heavy company with positive books. In addition, because the majority of the investment is for pedicabs, your investment would have substantial security. 

My name is William, and I am the owner of this business.  A little about me, I am a results-driven sales professional with a solid track record of top-tier performance, as a Director of Marketing, a Director of Sales, a manager, and an individual sales producer. I have a proven track record of being an expert at developing and executing targeted strategies that drive customer growth, ignite sales, and enhance bottom-line profitability. I am a hands-on team leader driven by a passion for guiding, directing, training, and motivating individuals to reach their highest level of performance and success. I am also an expert when it comes to leisure and tourism. At just 18 years old, I opened and owned a successful paintball business In North Carolina. Focusing on team building, this business had clients such as IBM, Glaxo, and DuPont just to name a few. After 18-months, I sold the business for a substantial profit to what is now Black River paintball, one of the largest paintball companies on the East Coast. I went on to finish my studies earning a degree in economics with business development. I now reside in Palm Springs, and have a great love for this community. With a great team in place, I know this business will thrive.

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