Peak Vitality

Men's Regenerative Health Clinic seeking to treat men for Erectile Dysfunction using well studied technology.

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Peak Vitality will provide APWT (Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy*) to men in the Northern California area to treat ED (Erectile Dysfunction); a treatment we call ‘VitalWave’. While most erectile dysfunction treatments seek to create an erection without addressing underlying issues, VitalWave Therapy is different. In addition to its use as ED treatment, APWT has also been successfully utilized in various medical fields including urology, vascular medicine, and even cardiology. In the same way that cardiologists have utilized acoustic wave therapy to encourage new cardiovascular blood vessels, we are using this technology to stimulate blood vessel growth in the penis. Acoustic waves are focused on the genitals to generate new blood vessel growth within the penile tissue which, over time, will stimulate increased and sustained blood flow for achieving and maintaining erections. An additional benefit comes from the sound waves breaking up any plaque that has accumulated in the existing vessels. Pharmaceuticals do not provide a long-lasting, sustainable solution because they do not treat the cause of erectile dysfunction. APWT however, works by repairing existing damaged or restricted blood vessels and promoting new growth. Clinical studies have shown this therapy has extremely positive results with virtually no risk or side effects. Peak Vitality will practice APWT as a key part of regenerative medicine. Our focus will be on providing a low cost, customer centered alternative to other men’s clinics.

Based on the growing market for ED solutions (primarily based on the size of the ED pharmaceutical market), Peak Vitality is primed to capture a significant percentage of the market.

Peak Vitality has already been engaging in social media and internet marketing aimed at maximizing SEO and being the go-to entity for people searching for ED solutions.

* APWT Soundwave Therapy is sometimes referred to as Shockwave Therapy, EWST, ECSW or EPAT.

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