New Era PTO conversion centered HRIS! Like Gusto or ADP, but better, cheaper, and employee centered!

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PayYay is an HRIS (human resource information system) much like Gusto or ADP, but we are different! How you might ask? We allow users to convert PTO! 
PTO is a huge liability to companies, and some states even require a pay out of PTO to separated employees! At PayYay, we will allow employees to convert PTO to:

  • Emergency cash (70% conversion rate)
  • Crypto and NFTs
  • Pay down student loans through partner 
  • Deposit into employer 401K
  • Deposit into an IRA 
  • Book a trip (flight AND stay, through partners such as Expedia)
  • Book an experience (want to take a day tour of the city? It's possible!) 

  • And many more!
We also will offer the use of Stripe credit card processing to do a 'hybrid' payment of PTO + personal funds, as not everyone will have 120 hours to burn away on a trip!

 We do the work of the traditional HRIS with the traditional pricing, but we take it further, and we take a small sliver of all conversions!
Along with this, we are building what we are calling emotion as a service (EaaS) in which we will actively monitor employees to place them on a "burnout index". 
Burnout occurs in everyone, and leads to some poor decision making! We will warn the company when an employee reaches a certain level, and also encourage the employee to use their PTO for one of our options, thus possibly saving the company from losing a worker, and saving the employee's mental health and well-being. 

All of this will be built modularly and can be purchased in different packages. Want only an HRIS? We got you! Want just PTO conversions? We can connect to your HRIS and get going! Want just our EaaS to monitor your employees and make sure everything is going well? No problem! All is possible with PayYay!

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