Payd Inc

Raising $1M to help scale our launch in July 2021

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$1,839,186,122,212 is currently North America's total student debt!

We help students, families and employees save and pay for education through natural card linked spending. We create a frictionless set it and forget program anyone can join.

We have a B2B and B2C model that targets over 50M North Americans (20M students, their families and employees).
• MVP finalized
• Raising $300K at at $3M valuation (closing May 31st, 2021
• Several LOI’s with major post-secondary institutions
• Several corporate clients moving to LOI’s
• Signed partnership with Questrade Wealth Management

CEO with over 10 years experience in the Post-Secondary student market have helped grow a student insurance company from 17M in annual premium to 55M in 5 years and then sold for 36M.

Pitch deck and other information can be provided if interested in this market and business.

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