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Raising $100,000 to advertise properly the website and cover bills to get the website up and running properly.

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Started Pauls outdoor world. com to offer outdoor recreation products to everyone.  Since most of the products are needing reviews by me and others I need to purchase starting with one E-bike and put it through the tests so I can write a blog and produce a Youtube story about it. Then since an in-person demonstration would show many the benefits of using an E-bike to commute to either school or work, which can reduce the number of vehicles on the roadways while if combined with solar charging it could help the pollution problem along with the congestion we are now seeing on our roads.  An E-bike may help many to get back out and get some exercise, giving us aged folks a little help when needed. I then can find all the safety products and do the reviews and tests on them. Since there would be multiple products and I only would need one myself I will donate the products used for reviews to someone who can use it.  I would need to upgrade my presentation of myself also, been flying on a shoestring budget for the last year because of caring for my ma, had to get her in memory care as her progression has continued. On a great note, she remembered who I am the other day!

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