Patriot Aerial Worx

Geo-spatial / LiDAR imaging drone business looking for funding

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Patriot Aerial Worx is a geospatial, LiDAR technology company. Our goal is provide our customers with the best in drone aerial imagining. 

We use drones, as well as fixed wing aircraft to gather geospatial images for use in the gas & oil industry, electric utilities, and infrastructure. In the gas & oil industry; we provide pipeline inspections, tank and tower inspections. We can additionally provide aerial images of refineries and oil wells. Electric utilities can use our services in power-line inspections, transformer stations, and utility pole inspections.  In the infrastructure world we can provide bridge inspections, road and highway inspections as well as proposed highway survey, commercial surveying, building inspections. We are also looking into expanding and working in solar, with thermal camera applications we can detect under performing solar panels. 

Our business is forward moving, utilizing the latest in technology and harnessing green energy. We use US manufactured drones and are NDAA Compliant. This allows us to bid and perform US government contracts. Additionally, we are a veteran owned small business. 

This business was established in Indianapolis, Indiana with the intent of working internationally. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

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