PathoWAND Project - Mega Testing Diagnostic Platform

Preventing the next pandemic: A Mega Testing Diagnostic Platform that test 20% of the world population every week.

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UPCOMING EVENT: CROWDFUNDING STARTS IN FEBRUARY 2021.  You will be able to donate to the project's success, reserve one of the first editions of PathoWAND, when it is manufactured and you can also volunteer for the First Clinical Trials in February - July 2021.  We will post the Crowdfunding website Monday, February 8, 2021.

"By the next pandemic, I believe that we can have what I call a "Mega Testing Diagnostic Platforms."  They can be deployed quickly, cost very little and test 20% of the population every week.  Also I want to get treatment protocols out far faster."                   Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation.


We are looking for greater than $6,000,000 for  Clinical Trials for "first" digital tester for COVID-19 to conduct to get a EUA from FDA.  The PathoCare WAND is a rapid all digital device designed to function in a commercial or consumer environment. The system utilizes RAMAN Spectroscopy to determine the spectral pattern of fluoresced emitted light. The pattern is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence to determine the presence or absence of a particular pathogen. So, the PathoCare Wand can be used for other viruses and bacteria in addition to Coronaviruses. Additionally, the device is connected to the medical artificial intelligence cloud for mass collation and analysis of anonymized patient data.

 The Technology: The sleekly designed PathoCare WAND can significantly increase the diagnostic capability of any healthcare business and give the individual home user the comfort of knowing the nature of suspected infections. No Chemical Waste.

 Results in under 10 seconds Allows for early illness detection Small size reminiscent of a tongue depressor As easy as a digital thermometer Simple “test” button to start health scan Connectivity via smartphone Built-in AI Engine Uses Raman Spectroscopy Pandemic tracking Connected to AI medical networks Helps build a global repository of virus information Convenient software updates.

 Science: Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive chemical analysis technique which provides detailed information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity and molecular interactions. It is based upon the interaction of light with the chemical bonds within a material. Project Summary: The virus Covid-19 has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands. It has also strangled economies, cast doubt about government responses, and severely limited social gatherings. Businesses, including medical offices, are closed or operating with reduced hours. The world needs a quick and economical testing device capable of being used over and over, like a thermometer with reliable accuracy. PathoCare LLC has developed the Wand which will be ready for deployment within 6 months. PathoCare LLC has chosen crowdfunding to finance the manufacture the first 20,000 units. 

Key Persons:  C. F Motley (BSEE, MSEE, MSBME, MD PhD) is the UV-Neb Program Manager • Randall Maxey (MD, Nephrologist), Clinical Trials Principal investigator • Richard A. Williams MD, Cardiologist, Clinical Trials Manager Barry L. Creary (MD Family Practice, Clinical Trials Advisor • E.P. Motley (BSCHE), Project CFO • Ida Muorie, JD, Project Financial Consultant 

Send all inquiries to Ida R Muorie JD - Project Financial Consultant - [email protected]

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