Pasture Raised /Organically grown food

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Sustainable Farm raising Organically  grown Vegetables and Pasture raised Livestock
We started our farm initially in 2016  with pasture raised chicken .goats , ducks and vegetables. The response from our customers were overwhelming. people are eager to buy healthy pasture raised food even at a premium price. Our motto is to bring healthy food to people at an affordable price .we are planning to gear up our production and marketing efforts.
We are putting together our experience, plans and efforts to cater to these market needs and develop a farm to table supply chain.
Farm production
We will be raising chickens ,ducks ,goats in pastures by rotational grazing .Manure from livestock's will fertilize the vegetables. by having our own production and marketing we will have better control over quality and supply chain. we are also open promote  and support other small farm which meets our requirements.
Our Products
Broiler Chicken and Ducks
Goat and Beef meat
Chicken and Duck meat
Vegetables , Herbs and Microgreens
We will start with few of these and as we expand will add items like Rabbit, Pork,  Quail, sheep etc.

Sales & Marketing
we will be selling direct to our customers through home delivery ,CSA, farm stands

Our Financial needs are scalable from $ 50000 to $ 250000
we need a seed money of $50000 to start with to raise to $250000  to expand to our plans.
More Details and Plans are available. Please fell free to contact with any questions

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