Parcel - Subscription based - Property & Casualty Reports & Proposals Software

Raising funds to build a subscription based property inspection software.

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I am looking to secure an investment to develop my subscription based property inspection software .
I have been in the natural disaster restoration industry since 2008.
I currently am a expert witness that is hired by attorneys and public adjusters to inspect, examine and produce property reports for structures that may have been damaged from storm activity.
Currently, there is not a product in the market that enables professionals within the insurance restoration field  to quickly and efficiently create property reports for property owners and insurance companies.
The product will be sold to contractors, public adjusters, law firms, building inspectors and insurance adjusters  for a monthly cost of  $9.99 per month. 

The product will ultimately evolve into creating reports for all areas concerning properties: Pre-sale, post sale, post new construction, material defect, appraisals etc.

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Parcel - Subscription based - Property & Casualty Reports & Proposals Software is no longer seeking funding.