Pangs Ventures

Seeking 1st round seed money of $2.2M. Funds will be used for Casino reserves ($1M) additional funds will be used for heavy marketing campaigns in 4 different Countries.

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Pangs Ventures (“Pangs”), a Denver-based technology startup encompassing the combined operations of Pang's Casino Club, Wu Pang Clan NFT, Pang Cryptocurrency, and Smart Tees Customs, is offering potential investors the opportunity to invest in three integrated projects at the nexus of crypto and blockchain technology. Built with the vision to fuse and revolutionize the gaming and crypto industries, Pangs is seeking $2.2M USD in Series A seed capital at a valuation of $9.167M USD. These funds will primarily be allocated to targeted marketing campaigns to increase player acquisition and bolster our casino reserves to attract high-stakes players. Pangs reserves the right to raise later funding rounds, if necessary, at a to-be-determined valuation. These funds will be used to develop the virtual reality version of our site and to fund the corresponding marketing and operational expenses for a three-year period from the date of the funding round.

Pangs Casino Club is the brainchild of a dedicated team of individuals committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the digital gaming industry. Led by CEO Joseph Petrovich, our team includes seasoned professionals such as COO Mike Duby, CMO Ryan Huhn, and CTO Jacob Lindsey. With the support of Reiben & Reiben as outside counsel, social media managers, and UI/UX designers, we are well-equipped to execute our ambitious vision.

Please see attached Investment Prospectus for full proposal. 

(Available in 4 other languages to be viewed by request) 

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