Pacific Born

I want to give women with mastectomies the ability to feel feminine, sexy and most of all comfortable.

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Hello! Thank you for reading my profile. Pacific Born is a retail organization founded by me, Jennifer Valdez, with the mission of providing mastectomy patients with mastectomy friendly clothing and insert services for breast prosthesis. My aim is to address the lack of suitable clothing options for mastectomy patients, offering them comfort, confidence and a sense of femininity. 
Mastectomy patients often struggle to find clothing that accommodates their unique needs, such as post-surgical comfort, coverage, and the ability to incorporate breast prosthesis inserts. Pacific Born aims to fill this gap in the market by providing a range of clothing options that can be modified to fit breast prosthesis of any size. As a Breast Cancer survivor myself, I know how important this can be for my emotional healing and trauma, that I endured during treatment. 
I am seeking funding to support the growth and sustainability of Pacific Born. The requested funds will be utilized to expand our inventory, ensuring a wider range of clothing options, creating prototypes for camisoles, slips and sports bras that will accommodate breast prosthesis of any size. Additionally, I plan to hire a skilled seamstress to provide a service to mastectomy patients that want to purchase from our current inventory,  and want to  modify the item to fulfill their needs. Furthermore, we intend to hire an employee to support day-to-day operations and customer service.
My target audience for Pacific Born includes mastectomy patients of all ages. I believe that every woman, regardless of their medical journey, deserves to feel confident and beautiful. By offering mastectomy friendly clothing and insert services, I aim to empower mastectomy patients to embrace their bodies and express their personal style.
To ensure the long term viability and success of Pacific Born, I have developed a comprehensive sustainability plan. This includes revenue streams from clothing sales and insert services, a strategic marketing and promotional strategy to attract customers, partnerships with healthcare professionals and support organizations, and future plans for geographic expansion and product diversification.
Pacific Born is committed to accountability and transparency. I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of mastectomy patients by providing them with mastectomy friendly clothing and insert services for any item purchased through Pacific Born. With the support of the requested funding, I aim to expand our reach, improve the lives of more mastectomy patients, and create a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals affected by Breast Cancer.

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