Overdrive Studios

Overdrive Studios, Schaumburg IL. looking to raise $1.5M - $7.8M

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My name is Dan Mahoney Sr. My business partner Victor Salazar and I are both experienced Chicagoland music industry business owners who after years of working in this industry, have finally figured out the missing link that will turn a city full of great musicians into a city that truly lets their music do the talkin'!  As such, we have now come together to create our masterpiece.  "Overdrive Studios" - 

The virus is receding and the world is beginning to awaken once again, This is especially true for the music industry, which has been in complete hibernation for well over a year. With venues re-opening and festivals starting up again,  "Overdrive studios" is poised to open up right along side it all, and conquer the national and local band tour rehearsal, podcast interview, live streaming concerts, private music event and music technology business, throughout the Chicagoland area and beyond, Doing so in an easily duplicable 16,000sf  footprint with up to 5 Chicagoland locations.  

I ask that you please take the time to review this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L6KKMgJAHmUdlmagA5wiLKiBa3h89XfC/view?usp=sharing of the detailed deck to see the entire story.  I think you will love what you see!  

I am reachable 24/7  at 312-434-4506  or [email protected]

Thank You!!

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