Oscar's Enterprises

Expanding covid closed steakhouse to also manufacture Oscar's Salad Dressings for nationwide delivery.

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Oscar's Enterprises started as the first commercial kitchen on the Mendocino Coast in 1991.  It was here that Oscar's Basil Dressing and Oscar's Italian Romano Dressing were born and bottled for distribution.  Sales were always brisk and demand far exceeded supply.
Through the years, Chef Oscar has developed a catering and extensive private food service business.
In August of 2019, Chef Oscar opened the only steakhouse in Fort Bragg, Ca.
In November of 2019 there were eight days of PG&E power shut off.
In March 2020 Covid-19 shut down indoor dining.
In November 2021 Chef Oscar shut the doors to the restaurant.
Now Chef Oscar is stuck with a big beautiful brand new building, commercial kitchen, and no hope of a successful restaurant at the moment. 
So it's time to start up the salad dressing business, and pursue markets that carried it before and those that wanted it.
22 markets have already committed to stocking this product again.
Covid-19 has put many small businesses like mine in deep debt. My restaurant was not open enough to qualify for all the government relief programs.
I have over $400,000 in home equity as I own property in Mendocino County CA.
Am asking for $100,000,

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