Optimum Golf

Successful indoor golf facility. Funding needed for expansion to additional properties as well as designing of a state of the art training aid/app for grip pressure.

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My name is Brad Alston.  I'm the Founder of Optimum Golf.  We believe in helping everyone find what golf means to them.  It might mean putting food on the table for one person, and it might mean a fun day with buddies to another.  Whatever it means to you, we want to provide people with the tools to take that journey.

We now have two facilities that we've expanded to, and in discussion with investors to start number 3/4.  

As we branch out, I'd like to embark on creating an app to help people with their swings on an ongoing basis.  By creating the app and leveraging remote learning, we can exponentially expand our reach and customer base outside of the Denver/Metro area without the overhead of opening new facilities.  I have the basis for a beginners class based on a class I created called First Step.  I'd like to expand upon that and make it something we could shop to other instructors, facilities and companies.

I am a great teacher, having won the CAGGY award for two years running for best teacher in Colorado.  I've built unique and great programs that have allowed to really help almost every student I've had.  But, I feel like I could have a greater impact by expanding my reach.

I'd also like to expand into the golf training aids market.  I have severable viable ideas and a couple of which could create an industry of their own.  

Please let me know if you're interested in speaking.

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