Open Road Teez

Raising $100,000 to advance a one of a kind T-shirt co. for men,women and children

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Online, specialized t- shirt company, I have taken a concept from the 60's ( Rat Fink) and brought it into todays world. My original target area was the trucking industry with approximately 10 million people in it and saw that I had a  knack for this  type of work and expanded the conceptual art into the general public. I have already built and up and operational web site with hundreds of pieces of art in it. My team consists of me , a highly technically proficient web  designer and social media  manager followed by several very talented artist in the field. My top artist may very well be the best artist in the entire artistic field. I personally create each and every  concept that is created and my artist breathe life into the concept. I have created categories for men and women trucking, to funny and retro categories to children and even infant art along with a one of  a kind specialty category which is personally  tailored to each individual (never been done) lets not forget Holiday specialty ar. I  have done my homework  and researched every T-shirt company on the planet from the largest such as Busted t's to Amazon, none have anything  close to any of the art I have created.. My business plan is relatively simple ,ignite the site with social media, but I believe the real strength is getting into Truck stops with holds a potential of millions upon millions of drivers that have to stop to re-fuel and stop for the  night. Getting into stores such as Walmart to large chains like Target would be a major accomplishment. I have invested a sizable amount of my own money to get the company to point but need to take it further. 

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