Olbali Global Enterprises, Inc

Surpassed $2M in revenue in 1.5 years; founder successfully sold previous venture. Raising funds for operations, inventory, marketing, and tech.

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Olbali, a standout in the health, wellness, and beauty sector, is not just a company; it's a hub for several innovative and industry-disrupting brands that have become daily essentials for people. Founded by Courtney Adeleye, a registered nurse, alongside her physician husband, Olbali is underpinned by a deep understanding of health and wellness, ensuring its products meet stringent standards of efficacy and safety.

Adeleye is a formidable entrepreneur, having previously built a brand from her home and independently grown it to over $100 million in revenue in just six years, before selling the company. This impressive background in brand development is mirrored in Olbali's diverse range of beloved products. Additionally, her strong presence on social media, with over 1 million followers, significantly boosts Olbali’s reach and engagement with a broad audience.

Central to Olbali’s strategy is a very strong Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) business model, which allows the company to maintain close relationships with its customers, offering them personalized experiences and insights into product development. This DTC approach is complemented by a strong affiliate and influencer program, which leverages the power of social selling and digital connectivity. This program not only amplifies Olbali’s reach but also provides a lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking supplementary income, aligning with Courtney Adeleye’s commitment to fostering economic empowerment.

Olbali’s success is further buoyed by the increasing consumer consciousness about health and wellness, with more people carefully considering what they consume and use on their bodies. In response, Olbali offers products that align with these conscientious choices, further solidifying its position in the market.

The combination of Courtney Adeleye's entrepreneurial success, her expansive social media influence, Olbali’s portfolio of disruptive, everyday brands, and a business model that supports economic growth—encompassing both a strong DTC business and an effective affiliate and influencer program—positions Olbali as a dynamic and influential leader in the health, wellness, and beauty industry.

The founder has contributed a significant personal investment of $3 million, demonstrating deep commitment and confidence in the venture, without relying on any external funding to date. This investment underscores the belief in Olbali’s mission to revolutionize the health, wellness, and beauty sectors through innovative products and a customer-centric business model.

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