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OISA is an international Soccer academy for boys and girls founded in the USA and currently based in Nigeria - A country known to produce raw soccer talents.

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 Executive Summary
OISA is a soccer academy for boys and girls age 11 years to 18 years. OISA focuses on recruiting, training and marketing of soccer players. OISA also places strong emphasis on helping the students have a strong academic background that will support their future careers in soccer management and other areas of life after retirement from active soccer. OISA prepares the students to acquire skills needed to compete at the highest level of soccer.
~OISA also believes in self sustenance. This is the reason that OISA first built a stadium to generate revenue that will help power the project. Today in addition to many private rentals, the Nigeria Football Association has designated OISA stadium as a home stadium for two professional teams. Matches are played at OISA at least two times a week and at times under flood light provided by OISA.  With funding we are requesting, soon international matches will be played at OISA stadium when additional equipment are ready.

 OISA has amazing talented kids that few clubs and agents are already interested in. These students are of campus. OISA intend to widen its recruitment network to other places even outside of the continent of Africa as soon as students' hostel is completed. Hence the urgent need for funding to complete student hostels. OISA projects a market value of each player to be 1 over $15,000,00 (fifteen million dollars per transfer).  project requires $27M to complete in addition to $7 million owner’s invested funds. When fully in operation, the facility has a projected annual income of 54 million US-Dollars and projected operational expenditures of 13 million US Dollars. After consideration of various administrative expenses and reinvestments for sustaining and upgrading the assets, this amounts to an annual profit of USD 42 million in 2026. Given these figures, the payback period of the investment is five years. The project’s projected return on investment over 5 years is 76% return on investment more than enough to repay the $20 million loan and interest that will be financed

Experts have projected that it will cost about additional $20,000,000 to complete the OISA projects. When completed this will arguable be the best soccer academy in the world. The owner has seen the potential in this and have spent alot already to get the project to the stage it is today. A site visit will convince you

OISA Investment Schedule and Schedule of Works
Three-year Timescale
Tranche 1       
Date                            August/September 2022
Loan Amount (£)            $5,000,000.00 
Purpose(s) Complete construction of Student and Staff Accommodation to house 100 scholars and 20 staff; educational facilities/15 x computer-equipped classrooms; auditorium; refectory; construction of medical centre and sports injury clinic; National Recruitment Drive (to total 100 scholars); Academy team(s) Showcase Tour to USA, Europe, UK; 3 x 32-48 seater minibuses; 3 x generators; 50 x match-balls and 200 x training footballs; 1 x 500 KVA capacity transformer and cabling; internet to service whole site
Completion Date            December 2022/January 2023
Projected Income        100 elite academy students will be on scholarship. About 300 other students will be off campus and will pay tuition to attend OISA academy. OISA tuition per year is $7000 dollars for a total of $2,100,000/ year. The medical centre and sports injury clinic services will also be open to the public and shall generate net profit of about $50,000.00. There will be income from sale/transfer of players, and we are projecting about $15,000,000 net proceed per sale. We project to sale about three players from now till end of 2023. The match-day rental income and ticket sales are projected to be about 150,000 per big game and we project to host about 45 games per year.  There will also be income from vendors wishing to advertise with OISA and we project this to be over 600,000 per year.
OISA is also looking into sponsorship and partnership with Nike, Adidas, Gatorade MTN, Glo etc. 
Repayment Date
Tranche 2       
Date                            March/April 2023                               
Loan Amount (£)            $12,000,000.00                       
Purpose(s) Complete main spectator stadium; commence construction of internal hotel complex including Sports Bar; full-size outdoor 4G pitch; complete construction of 4 x outdoor pitches and stands; gym, swimming pool; tennis court; basketball court; full-size indoor training pitch;
Completion Date            December 2023/January 2024
Projected Income        Hotel and facilities letting is projected to yield over $200000.00 per year. Match day sale income will increase with more seating available The sports bar/restaurant and Sport shop will be busy and we project net profit of $150,000 per year.  
Repayment Date
Tranche 3
Date                            March/April 2024                   
Loan Amount (£)            £$3,000,000.00                                   
Purpose(s) Complete construction of security stations at all strategic positions; complete soft and hard furnishing of all buildings; install appropriate equipment; air-conditioning where appropriate (especially indoor pitch; hotel facility.  
Completion Date            December 2024/January 2025
Projected Income income field rental will yield about $100,000 per year.  It will be available for matches by top politicians, businessmen and women who want to be fit through playing and enjoying the beautiful game- soccer. The mega facility will play host to church crusades, political rallies, music concerts etc and shall generate over $200,00 in rental income a year.  
Meanwhile the Block manufacturing sector, sand dredging sector and laterite excavation sector will continue to bring in revenue to sustain their operations and supply materials to build the facilities as well as sale to the public. Currently now they are generating over 200,000 per year in Net Income. In about few weeks the Suction machine will arrive and has capacity to reach deeper into the bottom of the sea and lift large quantity of sand per minute. 
Repayment Date
Total Investment            $20,000,000.00

We have additional information to present when needed. Send email to [email protected] to start confidential discussion on this project that has great potential of changing our world through provision of excellent education, soccer skill acquisition, and good return in investment as well as opportunity to be charitable.

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