OG Skatepark

Adaptive Extreme Sports Park

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An indoor skatepark featuring an adaptive section for people of all abilities. We will feature adaptive equipment to make skateboarding and other extreme sports more accessible. 
We are excited to introduce you to OG Skatepark. We are aiming to be the world’s first Indoor Extreme Sports Park that features a variety of adaptive track, adaptive equipment, as well as trainers that will foster the love for extreme sports, especially skateboarding, for the disabled community. We want everyone to feel not just included but valued in the extreme sports world. Would you like to be an essential part of bringing this dream to life? 
Our daughter Ivy Lee is a Cerebral Palsy Warrior who is an absolute adrenaline junkie. Ian has been taking her skateboarding since she was around 2 years old. She enjoys every minute of it. We want everyone to have the feeling of freedom on a skateboard, skates, a scooter, or in their wheelchair - soaring through obstacles.  Ian has been skateboarding for 35+ years. He is passionate about teaching others to skate. We are both passionate about being advocates for adaptive sports and allowing the disabled community to enjoy the same things as everyone else, even if it looks less than typical.  Skateboarding was introduced into the Olympics in 2021 and is set to be in the Paralympics by 2028. We want to be a part of that by providing a world class training facility that everyone can utilize. We're looking for Seed Investors, Incubators, Accelerators for$200K and up to $3M in from Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists or Corporate Investors.

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