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Off the beaten path, a stunning wedding venue 

Good day,

If you're reading this, thank you. If you make it to the end, again thank you.I hope I've gained your attention. I'd like to be frank, yes, I am asking for your investment and although this is certainly not an ask that will net you millions it is a pretty incredible investment nonetheless. I know first hand the hell that was Covid-19, but in a way that only reads out of of a thriller from hell movie. I'd be deeply grateful for the chance to explain.

My name this is Wendy Sherwood. I'm a 51 year old grandmother married to my second husband Jeff 56. I've 2 grown sons, 1 granddaughter Ryver Ann-Marie, the center of my universe. 

Brief background, but necessary. If you're still reading, thank you.I married the love of my life at 18. He was a soldier and I was smitten. We went on to his posting in Petawawa from my home in NW Calgary. We had 2 boys, Jamie now 30, Joseph 24. Life was good, until it wasn't. Richard served several tours overseas including Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo. In November of 1994 Richard, and 10 of his comrades were surrounded by Slobodan Milosovic troops, they were taken hostage and held at an abandoned school in Illias for seventeen days. They were treated poorly, mind games, fear was instilled in them. On day seventeen Boutros Boutros Gahli negotiated their release. Richard was debriefed, came home for two weeks and went right back to his OP in Bosnia. I don't have to tell you what came next...and it got worse and worse the next 14 years, the alcohol, the abuse, all of it. I left for the safety of my children. Fast forward 16 years.. we happily co grandparen  our granddaughter, his wife is a lovely woman and Richard and Jeff get on well. We get together as often as we can, family is family bottom line. Richard is still battling addiction, my heart hurts for him and what ptsd took from him. 

Now, Jeff. This is the hardest part for changing infact.

This is unlike any Covid-19 story you've heard. I have a remarkable amount of Jeff's medical records documenting this decent into hell. Jeff and I married on June 1st 2019 after 10 years together. He is an incredible human. Soft spoken, kind, generous and so incredibly intelligent. We were self employed in a small ag company in rural nb, potato County. We were comfortable. Our sweet Ryver was born in Nov 2021, life was very good. In January of 2022 Jeff and I got covid. We were mildly sick, nothing to serious. I felt better after a week..Jeff was so tired all the time, forgetting everything, and so agitated. I took him to his family doctor who suspected long haul covid. He did order a CT scan which im told had nothing concerning on it. Jeffs personality started to change and his memory was awful. He was snapping at our dog, his absolute joy. Within a few weeks I didn't know this man. I have a rare disease called Dercums disease. It's a cruel insanely painful disfiguring disease. It causes obesity sadly. My husband spent over a decade building my confidence telling me I'm beautiful and loved. This new man was telling me my fat was gross. During this 2 month period I called the ambulance 4 times because Jeff would have unexplained sugar crashes, profound infact. Jeff was hospitalized a total of 4 weeks off and on for two months. His family doctor ordered an MRI to see what was happening in his brain. This man wasn't my Jeff.

The nightmare is just beginning. Again, thank you...I'm trying to summarize...Our local hospital did very little to help my husband, and infact our entire life was ripped away from us piece by piece. I wasn't allowed to see my husband during the 4 week long admissions, and at no time did the attending physician discuss my husband with me or any family member. The nurses were helpful at first...and then with each admission became increasingly cold, not even giving me updates. Between the third and forth admission my husband became aggressive and violent, on one occasion punching me twice in the face and tried to strike my face with a screwdriver. He also took his cellphone and smashed me on my forehead. I was devastated and wasn't getting answers. At some point the attending physician, without ever meeting me or speaking to me at all in 2 months surmised I had Munchausen by proxy and I was drugging my husband with my prescribed anxiety medication and injecting him with massive amounts of insulin without him knowing...that was the diagnosis. At this point my husband was suicidal, feeling like he was losing his mind...I later found out, via my husband's medical records, that the RCMP and Adult Protective Services were called, both agencies felt there was simply no evidence of that accusation. My husband was released again, the MRI canceled as not necessary...Word got out as is often the case in a small town...I've been labeled an attempted murderer...but we're not done sadly.April 6th my husband awoke and didn't know me, his dog terrified him, and he couldn't speak...not one word. I put him in the car and went right past our hospital and drove to Dr Chalmers hospital in Fredericton. They took him right in (posted wait time was 10 hours) the doctors there sat with me for hours, looking at all of my documentation, photos and videos and recorded calls of Jeff's completely out of character behavior. There was a neurologist and Phyciatrists and an incredible Doctor named Amit Goel who wasn't going to stop until he could help Jeff.For over 2 months my husband's brain was swelling up...after a slew of tests my husband was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis secondary to Covid-19. The MRI showed areas of hus brain are reminiscent of Swiss cheese. The same MRI that was canceled weeks prior was the only way to diagnose autoimmune encephalitis...heartbreaking. We do have an attorney looking at the obvious malpractice, and will be a several year process. He's based in Fredericton, Kevin Toner.Jeff was in Dr Chalmers for 2 months. Our lives are very different now. My husband operates around 12 years old. He's extremely juvenile and paranoid.  He simply cannot be away from me. He cannot work, or drive, or tinker unattended in his garage...he fixates on things that have absolutely no basis. Once a pretty fun and spontaneous man, now terrified to go in a car while it's raining....I miss him terribly, and I love him beyond measure. There is no reasonable hope for improvement. Jeff was given 3 different treatments, with the third (a cancer drug rituximab that killed off his immune system so it would stop attacking his brain) showing clinical improvements to where he is now as described above. He's been deemed incompetent by his Neurologist and 2 attending physicians.Again I have all medical records including a letter written by Dr. Goel outlining the horrific chain of events that took everything from us...even test results from our local hospital from a lumbar puncture which they listed as normal. The team at Dr Chalmers pulled the result and it showed significant findings for an encephalitis...Ok, finally the investment. And if you read this until now I appreciate it!!Our lives in this community have irrevocably changed. I hear the whispers and see the points. My son has been approached and ridiculed. Jeff is pretty much confined to our house unless we go for a drive or to see our granddaughter, which he lives for. We are on some insanely long list for Occupational Therapy and nurse home visits. I was scrolling one day and came across a property that has a spectacular wedding venue on it, grounds to die for and 2 completely beautiful homes on 18 acres. I am looking, trying desperately to find a way to make this property a reality. I owe it to my husband to try and give him a life with purpose again, things he can do and look forward to. Dercums disease has pretty much left me physically unable to do much outside of light housework. My son, his wife (a business graduate) to be and baby Ryver want to be able to help us without driving 20 minutes each way. This property is incredible and the wedding venue very popular. The property allows my son to expand his homesteading as we desire to be as self sufficient as possible. We are good hardworking people who've had some really bad stuff happen. We're had our fair share of struggles but we worked very hard. Life had other plans for us.I'm not sure I've even approached this correctly. I'm scared with 40K in savings left and about a 30k profit from selling our house what the future holds. As we were self employed in a very small company we did not have LTD, and self employed do not get EI. You never think this will happen to you.I would be incredible grateful if someone would be willing to invest in my family, in my desperate desire to ensure Jeff has a good comfortable and safe happy environment, he deserves it so very much. And this property is very close to Dr Chalmers for future care and therapy.I know we can utilize this property for so much more then the stunning backdrops for a wedding. This property can give us a good living as a family and grow it into something bigger and more special.

I've provided the link. I cannot thank you enough for reaching the end. 
With sincerity,
Wendy and Jeff Sherwood

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