Off Kilt Pub

Raise 150,000.00 for the new start-up idea that I have not seen around anywhere.

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I have this idea to turn in to amazing bar/nightclub/pub into the next trending place to be  for businessmen and women, to college and if possible so traveler so they can get the word out about Off Kilt Pub. In the Pub the employee's would  wear Kilts to play off the name of the Pub  and a logo shirts to support the Pub. The Design I have in mind is to have some of the Pub in  black & white  of Scotland, have two shadow boxes one with my family clan kilt and the second one would have Rugby jersey and the ball.   The floor be in hardwood or make the floor look like hardwood floors, the tables and chair will be different through out the Pub, like around the bar have industry style seats, for a more cozy and romantic setting have wing chair or comfortable armchairs that have a weathered and the tables are high top or long runner tables and smaller table for the the more cozy look. The lighting around some of the table will have like the candles ambiance and have the National flower from Scotland on those tables. Let not forget the Pub will serve amazing food  that feature the Highland if Scotland  with grill salmon also burger that have Angus beef or Bison in it , that is just two of the items that is on the menu. For the drinks I created the menu so it would pair beautiful with anything the customer would order. I will also serve the regular well drinks and other liquors that known in Springfield area and I made the menu to show case Scotland and also have the future customers in mind for Off Kilt. I am asking for $150,000. k for the build out of the bars and some remodeling of the whole place to my liking. That money would go for other thing like the instructor, contractor, license(s) and permits and odds and ends that I didn't for see coming .   

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