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nujib has successfully launched its operations in Florida and is now available in all 50 states, with a clear vision of becoming a prominent national online platform. Our core focus lies in simplifying the process of locating housing solutions for travel nurses, effectively streamlining an essential aspect of their new assignments. At the heart of our mission is the
commitment to provide both homeowners and travel nurses with a seamless rental experience, alleviating the challenges and uncertainties often associated with securing temporary accommodations.

As the demand for temporary housing among healthcare professionals, particularly travel nurses, continues to surge, nujib stands poised to meet this demand with an innovative and user-friendly approach. Our platform boasts a range of distinctive features, including a user-friendly map search, automated monthly rental billing, in-app communication tools, and Al-
assisted property enrollment for homeowners. This robust set of features empowers property owners and travel nurses alike to swiftly identify and secure suitable housing options, ultimately saving them valuable time and effort. A primary revenue stream for nujib is derived from a 13.4% commission on rental payments processed through our platform.

Temporary housing remains a significant challenge for travel nurses as they undertake assignments. Conventional approaches to securing housing, such as navigating online classifieds, often prove to be time-consuming, stressful, and unreliable. Moreover, travel nurses confront a unique set of hurdles, including the need for fully furnished accommodations, flexible lease terms, and convenient proximity to healthcare facilities. Property owners themselves encounter obstacles in finding dependable tenants and ensuring consistent bookings for short-term rentals. 

Many homeowners experience irregular rental income and may grapple with tenants who lack financial stability or may cause excessive wear and tear to properties. Conversely, travel nurses are renowned for their responsible and low-impact tenancy, boasting stable incomes, rendering them the ideal choice for homeowners aiming to optimize rental revenue while mitigating risk.

While numerous vacation rental by owner (VRBO) platforms currently exist, only one is tailored explicitly to the needs of traveling nurses and healthcare professionals (Furnished Finder). The ongoing nursing shortage has prompted hospitals and healthcare facilities to seek solutions to fill vacancies nationwide, underscoring the demand for temporary, secure, and
authenticated housing options.
nujib introduces a specialized online marketplace that seamlessly connects travel nurses and property owners, facilitating and streamlining their rental arrangements. Our platform offers an all-encompassing solution to both parties, simplifying the entire journey of discovering, reserving, and overseeing temporary housing for travel nurses, all the while affording
homeowners a dependable channel for securing tenants. The paramount objective is to transition the current preferred short-term housing search paradigm from Furnished Finder and Facebook Message Boards and Groups to the nujib platform.

Key Highlights of the nujib Platform Encompass:
· Effortless Map Search: Users effortlessly explore properties based on their preferred locations, availability, and additional criteria through our intuitive map search feature.

· Seamless Monthly Billing Automation: Our platform optimizes billing by automating monthly charges for travel nurses, streamlining payment processes for both parties involved.

· Instant In-App Communication: Swift notifications are relayed to travel nurses and property owners, ensuring prompt awareness of all transactional activities.

· AI-Powered Property Enrollment for Homeowners: Property owners benefit from Al-guided enrollment procedures, guaranteeing swift and efficient property listing processes.
Harnessing advanced technology and a targeted approach, nujib empowers homeowners with dependable tenants who exhibit minimal wear and tear, boast stable incomes, and foster cooperative relationships. Concurrently, nujib eradicates the stresses and uncertainties typically associated with conventional housing search methods for travel nurses.

nujib is tailored to meet the surging requirement for authenticated, short- term housing solutions designed specifically for healthcare professionals on the move. By eradicating fraudulent listings, nujib ensures a secure environment, while concurrently introducing the ease of centralized booking and payment for housing.



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