NRE New England Renewable Energy Project

When challenged in the 1960's to land on the moon we did!

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NRE: Technoloy Driven by Opportunity
Dear Mr./MS Investor
In the 1960s America said we would land on the moon within 10 years, and we did!
EWA is continuing an American tradition of positive resolve. We are requesting from you funding to build a zero carbon 500-Megawatt renewable energy power plant prototype. 
We have a core team of 5 engineers and accomplished inventors, who have come together to commercialize our unique ideas into a renewable energy power plant.  The New England Renewable Energy project (NRE) is the first of its kind, an idea that has never been done before. 
Most Renewable energy plants deliver less than 50 Megawatts, making the economics difficult.  We have found a way to get to a continuous 500 Megawatts.
Be part of something that can change the world.
Thank You,
Captain Robinson
+1 603 475 3765
New England Renewable Energy Project

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