Raising $750,000 to bring our unique business model to Downtown Dallas.

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NoWhere is a retail store/creative office space organization built on a bedrock of a unique model, quality services, and exceptional products. We are a company under the leadership and tutelage of creative thinking and self-motivated individuals. 

NoWhere's mission is to provide incredible community-driven creative working space and convenience store with flexible working areas and a wide selection of currently available items in addition to rare items. We aim to challenge the status quo in Downtown Dallas by providing a one-of-a-kind business model.

Our business is a two-way model; a Small Retail Shop (convenience store)/Creative Office Space (coworking space). Our retail model will offer Asian market items such as ramen, rice, frozen food, etc. It will offer board games, video games, Trading Cards, Models, and Collectibles. The Creative Office Space will consist of a board game play area, theater room, and private closed-door offices with high-end computers. We are strategically positioned to operate as a one-stop-shop for all things retail products and working space for creatives.

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