NoW- A Zoom Alternative. Zoom is bigger but NoW is BETTER

NoW... A Zoom Alternative. Zoom is bigger, but NoW is BETTER. What's Missing? Digital and Mobile Marketing!

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3rd Wave Marketing ( is a Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Telecommunications company. 

Terri English-Yancy, BA, MA, MA  is Chief Executive Officer. 

Kenneth P. Yancy I, BBA, is Chief Digital Marketing and Data Officer for 3rd Wave Marketing.

Kenneth is a serial entrepreneur and visionary with Digital/ Mobile Marketing, Software Development, Telecommunications, and Real Estate Development talents and experience.

Kenneth’s unique expertise and background is a result from over 37 years of leading successful multi-million dollar projects for Big Data, Software, Marketing, and Telecommunications powerhouses IBM, Sprint, Cisco Systems, and Faith Properties.

In 2001, while employed with Cisco Systems, Kenneth's team designed and built the first "Victoria Secrets" streaming run way show.   

Recently, as 3rd Wave Marketing's Digital Marketing and Data Officer,  Kenneth lead the design and development of NoW (  

NoW is a Zoom alternative.  Presently, Zoom is bigger but NoW is BETTER. 

Powered by Amazon, 3rd Wave Marketing is seeking $1,000,000 investment to launch a massive Digital and Mobile Marketing campaign over 12 month period.  We will use our OmniTarget and TargetText ( services to target existing Zoom, Google, and Microsoft clients, and anyone searching for a reliable, secure , and HIPPA complaint video conferencing platform.  

All backend development has been completed, we are finalizing the front end website.  No investment funds are needed to complete front end development.  All investment funds will go towards Digital and Mobile Marketing campaign over 12 month period, which is designed to grow subscription based revenue to $250,000 per month. 

Please contact Kenneth P. Yancy I at 816.806.7811 with questions. 

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