New Upcoming FINTech company solves the foreclosure dilemma for 1,000,000 homeowners

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Foreclosure is raising at historical rates and the solution....

Foreclosure is raising at historical rates and the solution to the foreclosure pandemic has not been offered by anyone else, so NOVUS came up with the solution.  By duplicating a process they've used in the past and pairing with a software company, NOVUS has created a line of Fully Immersive Financial Products that are geared towards helping financially distressed homeowners overcome their foreclosure, and come out better than ever before. 

NOVUS has created a profitable solution to the Foreclosure Pandemic that is guaranteed to stop the foreclosure...

That's right, NOVUS has created, AND PROVEN, a viable AND PROFITABLE solution to the foreclosure pandemic which actually incentivizes clients to work with them. The program is free for foreclosure victims and is guaranteed to stop foreclosure, repair their credit, improve their career, and their finances. In addition to helping families facing foreclosure, NOVUS is also releasing their secondary line of products that are geared towards helping American Families who want homeownership but are struggling to obtain it. NOVUS plans on helping more than 400,000 American families make the dream of homeownership attainable and achievable today instead of in 3 to 5 years from today while simultaneously helping more than 500,000 homeowners who are facing foreclosure. 


The effects on the Economy of the job loss are not worth scoffing at. There were more than 40,000,000 jobs lost between 2019 and 2021.
NOVUS is also using this opportunity to create more jobs and re-employ a fragment of the 40,000,000 Americans who lost their jobs when the country shut down in 2019. While the numbers of open positions aren't significant at this time, NOVUS plans on creating more than 30,000 jobs over the next decade across the United States and is seeking meaningful partnerships with investors and investment firms to assist.

In order of precedence: 
  1. The team of NOVUS is a team of founders who excel in Real Estate Strategies and Creative Finance that is both legal and duplicable, this gives NOVUS a HUGE step up because of the pre-existing knowledge. One is a Realtor, one is a retired Master Broker, one is a Real Estate Mogul. Each of them has success in their own companies prior to NOVUS and understand the risks, rewards, and balances of a Startup Company. More importantly each of them brings their own connections and resources to the table.   
  2. The Software used by NOVUS is predictive, based on custom scenarios, and user friendly. 
  3. The strategies that are used to deploy the company's resources truly encourage their clients to participate whole heartedly in their New Beginning. It's truly an innovative way to break away from traditional support style roles and empower the clients to earn while they learn so they can walk away from the program without debt and holding tens of thousands of dollars in capital.
  4. No one else is attacking the Foreclosure pandemic as aggressively or from the finance industry, which creates a very unique niche in the market that is easily scalable using NOVUS growth plans, SaaS, and strategies. 

In 2019 the CEO of NOVUS launched this product as an MVP to prove to the world that it was possible. The ROI was 540%, the homeowner was saved from the foreclosure, and NOVUS was able to prove their concept successfully on the first try.
American Families that are going through foreclosure and interested in working with NOVUS teams of Certified professionals to improve their credit, finances, career, and stop the foreclosure without bankruptcy.


NOVUS' target market is primed because of the rapidly rising number of foreclosures across the United States.  Within the first 36 months NOVUS expects a return of more than $22 Million. Using NOVUS' strategies, profit will start at only 06% success (this allows a 94% margin of failure for break even numbers).

What are we asking?

$3,200,000 line of credit via convertible note with up to 20% APR.

What are we offering?

up to 40% Cap Rate on Conversion and negotiable terms on the APR and length of term and an Advisory board seat to our lead investor. 

The rest is in our Pitch Deck, let's talk!

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