NovaXS Biotech Corp.

Raising 1M to reach launch day

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NovaXS is revolutionary preventive care focused on consumer’s long-term health, with world well known doctors supported by technology. Click a button, Make the world's most well known doctors become your personal in-home care team. 

NovaXS Biotech's patented technology Vac-0 is a one-stop destination for diagnosing, detecting, preventing, and treating chronic diseases. Vac-0 consists of three parts: 1. Vac-0 AI driven healthspan diagnostic system; 2. Vac-0 needleless injection technology; 3. Vac-0 SmartCare App. Vac-0 injection device could detect consumer’s acupuncture point and deliver medications accurately and pain free to the epidermal layer of the skin at acupuncture point boosting the effectiveness 5 to 50 times. Vac-0 SmartCare App provides consumers 24/7 health tracking with injection data, lifestyle data, and a telehealth platform connecting with world famous doctors.  

Our business model is a subscription membership model that charges $218/month, including medical device leasing, monthly medication refill, 24/7 health tracking, telehealth consultation, and access to our physical preventive center at Newport Beach, CA & our affiliated clinics. 

Our team consists of incredible talents. Our president, Jonathan Xing, is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He is the co-founder of FRO.G International LLC., an international sports agency company found with NBA hall of framer Ben Wallace, and a glamping resort project in Tibet, China. He is also the angel investor of TranspareRX (a telemedicine company found by ex-chairman of public company David Harrell) and EnRoute (a medical transportation company). Our CEO, Alina Su, is a researcher at Harvard Medical School & UC Berkely QB3 lab, and she currently holds three medical device patents. Our CTO, Dobri Kiprov, is the recepient of presidential award from American Society for Apheresis. 

We have board advisors, including David Harrell (ex-chairman of OptimizeRX), Chris Holiday (senior advisor for president Biden & Obama presidential campaign), Ben Wallace (NBA hall of framer), Eric Mao (APAC managing director at Marc Jacobs, LVMH), and Issam Ghazzawi (board advisor at Lexmark, Microsoft, and Lenovo US). 

We have signed strategic partnerships with several NBA teams, including Golden States Warriors, to use our healtspan assessment for their new players summer 2021. We have partnered up with NBA celebrities, including Ben Wallace & Amar'e Stoudemire, to hold a crowdfunding round in summer 2021. 

NovaXS, your presonalized preventive health care. 

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