Raising $200k for a recreational cannabis grow

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NO KAP is in the process of applying for a cultivation license and will be conducting business from a 3,000 sq. ft. light deprivation greenhouse in Colorado. NO KAP will have the ability to vegetate up to 1,800 plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 10 highly sought after strains of marijuana and will have the ability to grow from seedling to finished product. I have a commercial property secured in Moffat, Colorado in an area known as Area 420. The land is already zoned for marijuana cultivation and has electricity/water. My license should be arriving within a month. Fencing is in the process of being constructed. The greenhouse is already purchased and arrives within 1 month. I will be the Head grower for the business as well as quality control. I have invested $106k and I want to raise an additional $200k to help pay for construction labor, grow lights, work personnel, nutrients, irrigation, security systems, office space, back up generator, and electric transformer for the amount of power I need. On the conservative side I plan on producing 1,675 pounds during year 1 at $1,000 per pound. That equals to an estimated revenue $1.675M in year 1. 

Main goals:
- Own and operate a cannabis cultivation facility in Colorado.
- Build a recognizable brand in a rapidly growing industry.
- To be fully compliant with all state and local municipalities and be primed and ready for national expansion as federal laws adjust and evolve to the benefit of the cannabis industry.
- To be the best BRAND supplying the best high-grade cannabis flower in the state of Colorado to dispensaries.

Main Objective:
- Keeping the momentum going and getting construction completed so that when my license arrives I am fully compliant to grow right away without any delay and having plants going by mid September of this year.

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