Nilestead Inc.

Raising 100k to complete development for a new type of Architectural application.

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Nilestead Inc. is a software company that aims to develop apps, software, technological sytems and infrastructures for the future of human living. Nilestead aims to develop and build "smart" communities around the world. We also hope to help to provide affordable housing. 

Founded in January of 2024, Nilestead consists of both a Business-to-Consumer Model and Business-to-Business model. We have planned 3 phases of growth and are already in Phase 1. At the moment, the company only consists of one person and that's the founder, Dominic Dyes. We hope to use the 100k investment from investors to develop a new type of architectural application, and with the money made from this application, continue to grow the company as we develop different types of applications and software and eventually move into phase 2 of the company. 

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