Nick’s Custom Cups LLC

Raising $150k to have plastic injection molds made for my patented tumbler, a truck to transport product, and to set up my home office.

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My company is based on my patented design (issued utility/pending design) for a new beverage container with removable sides to insert up to a 4x6 image. Heat pressing a permanent design will also be available to have an infinite  number of designs without buying a new cup.   Here is the link to my Facebook page for more images and videos.  

I have the CAD design finalized with 3D printed prototypes throughout each phase.  I will be using a manufacturer based in New Jersey who is already familiar with this project and has quoted me with the previous design. The final design is only a few simple tweaks and shouldn’t have much impact on the quote. I have an expired quote of $75,000 (quote is pre-covid and the price has gone up for steel and plastic pellets according to the manufacturer). I will get a new quote once I have funding as quotes are valid for 30 days. 

This product is ready to be made and I have a business plan outlined to get started to include Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify stores. I will also be reaching out to multiple healthcare, insurance, and other businesses to sell as marketing swag in bulk. 

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